Maru vanNeko

Former wizards apprentice seeking fame through her music


Maru was raised in the university that her parents taught at.

Was apprenticed to a wizard friend of her parents, but spent most of her time making music and amusing herself and others with little magic tricks.Maru dreamed of being a performer, but her parents thought that was NOT ACCEPTABLE, perfering that she join the orchestra if she must be a musician. She plans on running away instead. Her parents know this and are fine with it, but they wouldn’t tell her this as it would spoil her fun. Maru maybe a bit of a spoilt child.

Maru is undecided on religion, as her family were never really into it.

Maru’s goals are to be known as the Magnificent Maru, having her own show with adoring fans, and to marry and have a pile of children.

Maru vanNeko

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